Video Pool Media Arts Centre: News and upcoming workshops, February 9 and February 16

Video Pool Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program

The Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program was a collaboration with Community Education Development Association (CEDA/Pathways). Each participant was paired with a mentor from the arts community; Niki Little, Luther Alexander and Jackie Traverse to learn and create a video project. This project was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Artist and Community Collaboration grant.

Please click on the link to view the works of Winona Bearshield, Jaylene Storm, Curtis Harper and Kyler Harper.

Applying for an Exhibition with Jennifer Smith

Do you want to exhibit your work in artist-run -Centres across Canada? Jennifer Smith will be offering a 3 hour workshop on the process of applying for exhibition in galleries. The workshop will include a list of galleries that are friendly to exhibiting Media Arts, how to get your application together and insights on what juries are looking for.

Instructor: Jennifer Smith

Dates: Thursday, February 16th (6pm-9pm)

Limit: 15 Participants

Fees: $20 member / $30 non-member

About the Instructor: Jennifer Smith is the Distribution Coordinator at Video Pool media Arts Centre, she spends her days working to exhibition at galleries and at festivals around the world for the artists in distribution with Video Pool.

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Documentary Filmmaking with Luther Alexander

Are you constantly thinking of Documentary film ideas but don't know where to start? This is the course for you; from observational to reflective this class will cover the different types of Documentary filmmaking. Documentary film has many different aspects of production and Luther will include tips for lighting, sound and cinematography when teaching this course.

Instructor: Luther Alexander

Dates: Thursday, February 9th (6pm – 10pm)

Limit: 15 Participants

Fees: $40 member / $50 non-member

About The Instructor: Luther Alexander is a filmmaker in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has directed short-form narratives in experimental, drama and documentary film using 16mm and digital formats. Alexander has built his experience on several projects from short film, feature film, music video and documentary taking on many roles from production assistant to cinematographer. He aims to be an established filmmaker in the film industry. He enjoys coffee, reading and analyzing films.

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