West End Cultural Centre: The Unplugged Punk Vol. 2, March 4

Tear down the drum kit and knock over the amps! The Unplugged Punk is a concert series that features Winnipeg's frontmen and frontwomen in a brand new light!

February 7th 2017, Winnipeg, MB - With the success and community support of Vol.1, the Unplugged Punk is ready for another round. "Music fans are attracted to the our show because it's something fresh." says organizer, Johannes Lodewyks. "Winnipeg is home to a massive talent pool of artists. One that doesn't stop at punk rock. Our city has bred some of the country's best aggressive bands. Behind each one has been a great songwriter whose efforts are all too often masked by smashing cymbals, wailing guitars and screaming lyrics. Not to mention the blood, sweat and energy of a live punk rock show." With all of the frills stripped away, the Unplugged Punk features notable punk rockers with nothing more than their songs and an acoustic guitar. A real treat for not only any punk rock show-goer but for music fans of all sorts who consider themselves on the outside, looking in due to the aggressive tendencies and sheer volume of the average show. "We strive to make for a unique atmosphere that caters to all ages and cultural backgrounds."

While Vol. 1 hosted songwriters from The Ripperz, Clipwing, The Proud Sons and American Flamewhip, Vol. 2 proves to be just as promising with members of Distances, Moon Tan and the Pink Slips. As always, the night take place at The West End Cultural Centre and will be hosted by Johannes Lodewyks (The Noble Thiefs, SubCity, Kids on Fire).

CALL TO ACTION: We need you're help to get the word out to the people! As winter doldrums set in, even the most avid of show-goers need a little enticement. We'd love to hear from any way you'd be able to help us in providing said enticement.


Saturday, March 4th @ the West End Cultural Centre

The Unplugged Punk Vol. 2

feat. Dylan James (Distances), Jenny Wuckert (Pink Slips), Adrian Dyer (Moon Tan), Johannes Lodewyks (Noble Thiefs) & Nic Dyson.

$10 in advance from the WECC &ticketfly.com

$15 @ the door

Doors @ 7:15pm

Show @ 8pm


Johannes Lodewyks