Manitoba Theatre for Young People: Baobab, March 17-26

In a region of West Africa, the drought has persisted for a very long time. One day, an ancient baobab tree brings forth an egg and from this egg a little boy is born. The people of the village discover that the boy is the only one who can free the source of water. And a quest begins where only the courage of the child can change the course of history.

"This celebration of passing on traditions between generations makes Baobab a great story to share between parents, grandparents and children," says MTYP Artistic Director, Pablo Felices-Luna.

Baobab is an hour-long performance running from March 17 to 26 at Manitoba Theatre for Young People's Forks mainstage, designed for audiences aged four to ten, as well as for adults.

The show blends puppetry, drums and shadow theatre with traditional West African storytelling. The show introduces children to traditional African percussion instruments such as the kora, the balophone and the djembe. Baobab is a coproduction of Théâtre Motus, based just outside of Montreal in Longueil, and the SÔ Company from Mali.

Baobab tickets start at $18 for children (17 and under) and $22 for adults and seniors. Call 204.942.8898 or go online at 204.942.8898. MTYP is located at 2 Forks Market Road.

Friday, March 17 - 7 pm

Saturday, March 18 - 2 pm

Sunday, March 19 - 2 pm (in French)

Saturday, March 25 - 11 am and 2 pm

Sunday, March 26 - 11 am and 2 pm

Baobab is suitable for ages 4-10 (including adults)

To purchase tickets, call 204.942.8898
or go online to Buy Baobab