Grollé Fine Art: 7 Deadly Sins by Bruno Wojnicz, March 23 - 31

Solo exhibition by photographic artist Bruno Wojnicz

March 23rd to March 31, 2017

Opening Night: March 23rd, 7 pm - 9 pm.

VIP Reception: March 24th, 7 pm - 9 pm

Artist's statement: "The Seven Deadly Sins are considered as the least admirable qualities of the human animal. Historically some interpretations have changed but the basic premise remains. Although some may argue that in today's culture shame and sins are outdated concepts I nonetheless have chosen this topic as an arena to explore the highly charged and emotive elements of human nature and to exhibit themselves onto a two-dimensional images. It is the extreme single mindedness and obsessiveness through these themes that I wish to explore with the viewer."
"The purpose of these thematic works are to evoke a meaningful and highly charged emotional and psychological response from the observer. The presentation of these static images are really two-dimensional catalysts of emotional suspensions to be released from a visual contact from the intimate confinement of the viewer's consciousness. Passion and obsession to the point of pain are combined with the various manifestations of ecstasy, joy and agony is a recurring theme of my work."

There will also be a book launch. Orders can be made on reception night at the gallery.

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