Marlborough Hotel: Mother's Day Out Artisan Craft Sale, Call to Artists, Deadline May 12

We have organized a MOTHER'S DAY OUT food + shopping event.

The Mother's Day brunch is in the Skyview Ballroom with stunning views of the city. The artisan sale will take place at the same time on the mezzanine level in the Eton Hall.

We've hired actors who will wear period costume (Downton Abbey style) to greet guests in the lobby and direct them to our sale.

If you haven't been there, you should know it's interior is stunning.
Built in 1914, it features 24 foot ceilings, imported stained glass, Italian marble and hand made light fixtures by Tiffany of New York. It is also one of the most important heritage buildings in Canada.

We invite you to participate in this event because we know there is no better way to connect with people than in person!

If you decide to take part, you will have an 8' space to use for your display. There is a cost for each space, which will go toward advertising and covering the expenses associated with the event. You can feel free to display and sell your art and make new connections in a beautiful and positive atmosphere.

Please respond with your questions and interest.