cre8ery gallery & studio : Collective Voices, April 20- May 2

Collective Voices, April 20 to May 2nd, 2017

Reception: April 20, 7-10pm; Additional Hours April 21 to May 2, 6pm: Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm; Saturdays: 12-5pm

Artists: Roberta Laliberté, Elena El, Dave Marshall, Glenna Evans Mulvihill

An eclectic group of Manitoba artists have come together to share their voices to create a compelling story, sharing works of art showcasing varied mediums and styles. Each artist's voice is unique and very personal to each one, giving birth to works of art that spin tales to encapsulate the viewers.

WANDERER – Roberta Laliberté

Artist statement: Wanderlust, a desire for wandering. A passion for wandering defining not only a desire to explore mixing mediums, surface and texture but also journeys through the rural landscapes travelled, with a unique view.

Bio: Roberta has been a primarily self-taught artist since childhood. She began with watercolorist and though the years began experimenting with various mediums including acrylic, watercolours, textile design, mixed media, illustration and digital arts. In 2010 she was selected by jury through the Maison des Artistes for a Public Art Installa#on The Storybook Garden, which hangs in the Library Allard in Saint Georges MB. In 2012 she began working in schools doing integrated arts programming through the MAC ArtsSmarts programs and grants through Heritage Canada. She worked with several schools with students ranging from kindergarten to grade 12 and in 2014 graduated from the Community Collaborative Arts Coordinator Program through ACI Manitoba. She also teaches to a global community via video through her website where she offers art workshops a la carte.

CITY – Elena El

Artist statement: Morning. You sip coffee while scrolling through social media posts. You see exotic places, far away people. And then suddenly, something looks familiar. Yes, it is an image of your neighbourhood; sunshine, tall trees, that interesting building at the corner of the street, the man that looks just like your neighbour walking his dog. This picture makes you feel good. It makes you feel proud of the beautiful place you live in – Winnipeg. You like it and you want to share it with others.

Bio: Elena El is a fine artist specializing in Winnipeg cityscapes. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. She is a member of Assiniboia Group of Artists Cooperative, and you can see her artwork at the various Winnipeg art shows, exhibi5ons and festivals. Her paintings have been featured in Winnipeg Free Press, WHERE Winnipeg magazine, Ciao! magazine, SANDBOX magazine, CBC Manitoba Scene, Breakfast Television, Canstar Community News, Country Register. Elena studied classic drawing and pain5ng at the college of Fine Arts (Odessa, Ukraine) and graduated from College of Design (Haifa, Israel). She has illustrated more than 15 children's books and has worked as a graphic designer for advertising agencies and magazines."

UNravelled – Glenna Evans Mulvihille:

Bio: Winnipeg born Glenna Evans Mulvihill of gemARTwinnipeg grew up in studios since the age of five, attended University of Manitoba Faculty of Fine Arts, and has worked as an art educator for nearly 20 years in both public schools and privately. Her works creep into colour from her subconscious memories inspired by extensive travel adventures. Her most recent collection, Urban WPG UNravelled is a series of mixed media paintings with blended layers upon layers of acrylics. It is Glenna's way of rediscovering, connecting and sharing her favourite area of the city, The Exchange District, as if wandering through for the first time.

Spindrift – Dave Marshall:

Bio: Dave Marshall is a Winnipeg artist who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Honours First Class, 2000, from the University of Manitoba, with a major in Drawing, and a minor in Music Theory. Dave has his own take on abstraction, and due to their pervasive availability uses commercial grade paints. He abstains from brushes and pallette knives, and instead uses metal bars, dowels, cardstock paper, pins, nails, and an extensive collection of wooden sticks. He has arrived at this arrangement after fifteen years of woodshedding, then entering his work into the public sphere.

Artist Statement: My latest run of work focusses on detail, and change, and the beauty we find in opening ourselves up to seeing things in new ways. I aim to tell stories with each piece, and to effectively add to our human story. To be alive is to be in a state of constant flux, always understanding ceaseless movement of some kind or another. Even meditation, so often understood to represent nothing but ideas like stillness, or acceptance, or passivity, still pulls the self on a ride. The only thing inevitable in this life is change. Our human selves as always view everything naturally from the outside; but sometimes, to see is to believe, in ways we hadn't previously considered.

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