Wayne Arthur Gallery: Floral Frenzy: The Love of Father and Daughter, April 28 - May 31

Wayne Arthur Gallery

186 Provencher Blvd

Invites you to

Floral Frenzy: The Love of Father and Daughter

Paintings by Gerd Behrendt and Angela Lillico

Opening Friday, April 28 from 7 to 9 PM

and continues to May 31

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM

Web site: http://www.waynearthurgallery.com

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Call Bev at 204-477-5249

About the show:

"Floral Frenzy: The Love of Father and Daughter" reflects the never ending admiration of nature by Gerd Behrendt and his daughter, Angela Lillico. The theme they have chosen this year is floral. Both are gardening enthusiasts and have witnessed the charm and beauty of this everlasting subject from year to year.

Gerd and Angela have been on their individual journeys of discovery for many years. Numerous conversations have been struck up - art being the topic of choice. It was on one of those occasions that it was decided to finally have a show together. This is the second show they will have had as Father and Daughter.

About the artists:

Angela Lillico, Fine Artist

Artist Statement

I have been an experimental artist for over 20 years. I found that traditional painting did not satisfy so I gave myself permission to try new ideas and unconventional ways. This has led me to the technique I use in acrylic today. It is a technique I wish to continue to explore as I grow as a visual artist. Using this medium in a fluid, sinuous way has been liberating, exhilarating and fulfilling.

My palette is selected depending on the idea I wish to portray. My ideas come as the result of memories observing nature, and by taking numerous photos. These ideas swirl in my mind for days or even months until I have a clear picture as to how I will proceed. Colours are mixed days in advance. Many layers of colour are required to finally achieve what is in my minds' eye. I am constantly challenged by using acrylic this way as I do not have complete control over the process.

In these works I hope to portray a floral feeling in the way they grow in nature, without order or organization. It is my desire to create peaceful, meditative paintings that remind the viewer of the abundant natural beauty that surrounds us.

Gerd Behrendt, Fine Artist

Artist Statement

I was born in Germany and grew up during the war. I have always had a creative spirit, drawing and painting as a boy. I married in Germany and moved with my wife to Canada in the 1950's. Farming was my chosen occupation, therefore any thought of creating with pencil and brush became a distant memory. After decades of working the land and tending the animals, my wife encouraged me to fulfill the dreams of my youth.

I am mostly a self-taught painter, having taken many courses in Brandon and Winnipeg. Some classes were twice a week but still I travelled the 2 hours each way to satisfy my hunger for knowledge. The Impressionist, Post-impressionist and Neo-impressionist Movements are inspirations for my present colouristic style. Many of my works are being enjoyed by collectors throughout Canada and Japan.

I love to see and smell flowers whether in my garden or wildly in nature. Each day the flower is seen differently with the change in light which adds to my many memories. My floral paintings are impressions that come from the far reaching corners of my mind.