MAWA - Mentoring Artists for Women's Art: Like Mother, Like Child, May 5 - 28

a MAWA Artist Mothers Group Exhibition in collaboration with their children

Dates May 5 to 28, 2017
Opening First Friday May 5, 5-9 p.m.

Location Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, 611 Main Street, Winnipeg MB

Hours Wednesday to Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Sometimes artist mothers are torn between parenting and artmaking; other times they thrive in the grey zone. They sketch during violin practice, at the swimming pool and in the waiting room at dance class. They invite the kids into the studio, draw with them at the kitchen table, let them into the art supplies and follow their lead. This exhibition features works made with children as inspiration, distraction, collaborators and opponents in epic art battles. If you think this is a show only a mother could love, you don't know these children.

Participating Artists:
Susan Aydan Abbott and Rhyan Abbott

Carolina Araneda

Charlene Brown and Ruby Gillam

Charlene Brown and Parker Gillam

Sandra Brown, Miguel McKenna, and Hannah McKenna

Melanie Dennis Unrau and Sheldon Unrau

Pamela Desmet Franklin

Mary Ferguson, Breland Ferguson Thomas, and Madeline Ferguson Thomas

Brenna, Ozma, Oona and Marshall George

Briony Haig and Katie Haig-Anderson

Colleen Leduc, Jasper Leduc, and Waverley Leduc
Emilie Lemay and Charlotte Martens

Janine-Annette Littmann, Guillaume, Louis, and Elsie.

Rose Montgomery-Whicher and Sophia Whicher
Claudine Perrott and Dagen Perrott

Susanna Portnoy and Lily Chisick

Sharen Ritterman

Judith and Etta Stevens

The Artist Mothers Group at MAWA
This group of artist mothers who refuse to choose between mothering and artistic production holds informal, monthly meetings to experiment with art materials, share and critique our art work, and discuss concerns, ideas, inspiration, and strategies for juggling art-making and mothering. When we get together we bring snacks – and our favourite materials to make collage, still life, poetry, and collaborative art.

Find our group on Facebook: Artist Mothers at MAWA.

For interviews or photos, contact:

Claudine Perrott

Phone: 204-772-5946