Point Douglas: Art + Craft Sale – Seeks Artists and Vendors, May 27 - 28

May 27-28 , 11am – 5pm

Historic Barber House

99 Euclid in North Point Douglas

Fee - $20 for 8' table for 1 day

$30 for an 8' table for 2 days

Contact - artactionPD@gmail.com

The Point Douglas Resident's Artist subcommittee is planning an arts and crafts sale during Winnipeg's Doors Open event, May 27-28, 11am-5pm, at our historic Barber House. We would love you to participate!

Barber House is Winnipeg's oldest remaining home and is a truly unique example of the Red River frame construction method. Barber House tells an epic tale of perseverance and survival, almost ending in the summer of 2010, when it was torched by vandals. However, the grand old lady was too tough to destroy. The preservation of Barber House is a metaphor for Point Douglas – as she has been restored to her original beauty, so will our community rebuild herself. Barber house is currently home to the North Point Douglas Seniors Association, Early Education Centre, and is brimming with activity!

On May 27 and 28 we plan to let Winnipeggers in on the secret that Point Douglas is a thriving center of artistic endeavour. So, get your game on and come sell your work. Space is limited, so act fast. Preference will be given to artists who live in the neighbourhood, but all are welcome. The fee is $20 for an 8' table for one day, and $30 for both days. Over 200 people toured Barber House last year, and we expect more this year! You can email us at artactionPD@gmail.com, and I promise we will get back to you soon.