Jus’ Toyin’ Around curated by Doug Lewis:  Features the work of seventeen artists, July 7-23 Opening on July 7

Flatlanders Studio, 782 Main Street, 3rd Floor (door on south side, in parking lot)

July 7-23, 2017

Opening: Friday, July 7, 7-10 pm with performances by Aston Coles, Glen Johnston and Doug(las) Lewis

Jus' Toyin' Around is curated by Doug Lewis and features the work of seventeen artists: Bill Burns (CAN); Zhao Chao (CN); Richard Dyck (CAN); Rodrigo Escobar-Vanegas (COL); Frederik Foert (GR); Kevin Friedrich (CAN); Trevor Guthrie (CH/CAN); Nan Hao (CN); Jean Klimack (CAN); Chak Man Lei (CN/CAN); Bonnie Marin (CAN); Jeff Morabito (HK/USA); Xiao Qiao (CN); Anthony Ragucci (USA); Bruce Sapach (CAN); Petra Varl (SI); Xiaojing Yan (CN/CAN).

Jus' Toyin' Around stumbles upon surreal playing fields and everyday distractions.

We live in an epoch full of global tomfooleries that have given birth to the fake of the new and alt facts. Where truths and apologies are no longer expected nor required. The nose of Pinocchio grows at an accelerated pace and points toward all corners of the planet – adulterated piracies are robbing "common sense" at alarming rates. Middle Eastern overlords, man-made strategic islands and old lands threatened: Brexitisms, Wall Street prophets and groin-grabbing scoundrels twist the looking glasses beyond what Lewis Carol could manage.

This exhibition exposes adults' desire for naivety: compulsions, needs and anxieties that compromise our "inner-child." Existential toys, pets and other magic that lives vicariously in us is being tested; Picasso's notion of seeing life "through the eyes of a child" is no longer an option, it is PG 13.