Theatre Projects Manitoba: Tomorrow's Child, October 25 - November 5

Theatre Projects Manitoba and the West End Cultural Centre present


A Ghost River Theatre production
Adapted from Ray Bradbury's short story by Eric Rose, Matthew Waddell and David van Belle
Featuring Anna Cummer, Tyrell Crews and David van Belle
Direction and Sound Design by Eric Rose and Matthew Waddell
October 25th-November 5th at the West End Cultural Centre

An unforgettable audio experience created for a blindfolded audience.

Theater Projects Manitoba, together with the West End Cultural Centre presents Ghost River Theatre's (Calgary) daring new adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic sci-fi short story Tomorrow's Child as a one-of-kind sightless theatre experience October 25-November 5 at the West End Cultural Centre.

Adventurous theatre goers will have their curiosities satisfied! Audience members are blindfolded and individually guided into the performance space. The story surrounds them through a thrilling 10-channel sonic landscape created by long-term Ghost River collaborator Matthew Waddell with the latest in sound technology.

The auditory feast introduces listeners to Peter and Polly Horn- two new parents in the imagined retro-future of 1988 who must confront the realities of their newborn son – who has been born into another dimension. Will they accept the divide between parent and child? Or find another solution?

This ain't no radio play- the quirks of 50s sci-fi are reimagined for an immersive audio-experience created for a blindfolded audience. As the first installment of Ghost River Theatre's Six Senses Performance Series, Tomorrow's Child explores how being deprived of sight – our primary gateway in the world – primes us for a unique performance experience.

Theatre Projects Manitoba is thrilled to shake it up as we travel to a new venue and welcome fresh audience members to this theatrical experience. The story will charm lovers of science fiction, new parents and especially individuals with lived experience of Autism Spectrum Disorder. We are specifically excited to welcome members of the Deaf and hard of hearing communities, and blind or visually impaired audience members by offering complimentary companion tickets. Please contact the Theatre Projects office so we can help you with your accessibility needs. Tomorrow's Child is an unforgettable sonic journey that has to be heard to be believed.

"...your ears receive the audio equivalent of a five star dinner." - Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

" intriguing immersive experience combined with compelling storytelling." - Jessica Goldman, CBC Radio

"Fucking awesome." - Audience member.

Based on the short story "Tomorrow Child" by Ray Bradbury, originally published as "The Shape of Things" © 1947; renewed 1975 by Ray Bradbury. Performed by permission of Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

Ghost River Theatre

Led by Artistic Director Eric Rose, Ghost River Theatre is a nationally acclaimed devised theatre company in Calgary that creates, develops and mounts original productions through a significant investment in imaginative research and development. The company makes their work in a rigorous, supportive collaborative-creation environment that recognizes and utilizes the unique abilities of all participants. Their work embraces a hybrid of high tech visual spectacle with low-fi theatrical magic.

Over the company's 25 year history, Ghost River's unique creation process has yielded an impressive roster of critically acclaimed productions: Mesa, Eye for an Eye, ONE, The Highest Step in the World, The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst amongst many others. With a keen desire to create, to engage and to push the boundaries of live performance GRT has established itself firmly as a leader in the Calgary, Alberta, and nationally.

Six Senses Series

Tomorrow's Child is the first instalment of Ghost River Theatre's Six Senses Performance Series. The Series explores what happens to the boundaries of narrative when you focus on stimulating the audience's senses. When you take away sight—our primary gateway in the world— how do our imaginations open up to narrative? How can being deprived of sight prime us for a unique performance experience? How does the audience imagination/engagement factor contribute to the narrative experience of performance?

"At the forefront of our work is the question of liveness: how we unearth and reveal the world differently for audiences based on the immediacy and interactivity of the performance experience. The Six Senses Series challenges us in our devised practice to break down our 'total artwork' approach to creation into its component parts, in order to better understand and trust the imaginary space our audience needs to fully engage in the live performance experience."- Ghost River Theatre

Since premiering Tomorrow's Child Ghost River has developed performances for Taste, Touch and most recently Smell. TASTE had its Winnipeg debut last season in collaboration with local Chef Ben Kramer and One Trunk Theatre.

Interviews welcome.

*High resolution media photos will be available on request.

Tickets range from $10-$27 and can be purchased online at or by calling 204-989-2400

Media Contact & Advance Interview requests:

Rea Kavanagh, General Manager

Theatre Projects Manitoba



Next spring we will premiere A Short History of Crazy Bone by Patrick Friesen at Théâtre Cercle Molière Tuesday, March 27th-Sunday, April 8th. This long poem-turned-monologue awakens Crazy Bone (Tracey Nepinak), a middle aged Woman living on the edge of the world, at the edge of time, wandering the mid-path of her life, finding her way back to herself. The production is directed by TPM Associate Artistic Director Andraea Sartison, choreographed by Tanja Woloshen and featuring a chorus of dancers.

Throughout the season we are undertaking our first ever research and development project outside of Winnipeg. This Land Floods will take TPM's artistic team into the Interlake for long term residencies to meet and collaborate with new communities and plan a 2018 Chautauqua tour in the region.

We continue our ever popular Salon Series at the Goodwill Social Club with four Tuesday shows October 3rd, November 28th, February 6th and March 6th. These cabaret nights offer patrons and artists a chance to delve deeper into the themes of our season and specifically for us to share our research for This Land Floods. The salons feature readings, music, and works-in-progress by our season's artists, our company in residence (Make/Shift Theatre) and our university student representatives.

On May 3rd we will present our first ever fundraiser show at the West End Cultural Centre. The Interlake Chautauqua will be a celebration with music, art and performance by artists of Manitoba's Interlake region and new work developed over the season for This Land Floods.

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