Rady JCC: Super Hot Jazz: The Hot Sardines, May 12

MAY 12, 2018

3:30 p.m. & 8:00 p.m.

The Hot Sardines, the New York -based eight piece brass jazz band (including a tap dancer!) are an international sensation. Critics around the world rave about them. praising their performance as "crisp musicianship going hand in hand with immaculate and witty showmanship" (The LondonTimes). Audiences love them ("they won over the audience right from the start"- London Jazz News) and are left wanting more. The Sardines' joyous revival of music of the first half of the century infuses old-time jazz with new-time energy and style, bringing audiences to their feet everywhere they perform. A spectacular finale to a great season!


Tickets: call the Rady JCC at 204-477-7534

Online at www.radyjcc.com