Forum Art Centre: Culture Days Activities, September 29 -30

Exciting free activities for Culture Days Manitoba at Forum Art Centre, 120 Eugenie Street. Details:

Search Manitoba, Winnipeg & enter Forum Art Centre for Activity Organizer or p.c. R2H 0X7. See you there!

What is Acrylic Painting All About? Friday, September 29, 1 – 3 pm

Why are artists using Acrylic paint to create their masterpieces? Visit & chat with our students while they paint. Ask them about their art. Why they chose the subject, how they developed their style, how will they know when it's finished, why they paint? Art appreciation is not mysterious, art purchasing is personal, ask us about Everything Art. No whispering is necessary at the Forum Art Centre Gallery!

Critter Creations with Sculpting Medium Saturday, September 30, 1 – 2:20 & 2:30 – 4

Try your hand at modeling with a fun, sculptural material which has some similarity to clay. These mini- workshops with Artist Bob Dann will guide you with demonstrations on how you can create your own critters, figures, beads or whatever! Ask how it's different yet similar to clay. Your creation is yours to keep or give to someone special. All ages over 5 with patience to follow along are welcome.

Whimsical Watercolour Cards and Bookmarks, Saturday, September 30, 1 – 2 & 3 – 4

Surprise your family & friends when you give them a watercolour card painted by you! Follow easy demonstrations instructed by Artist Linda Olzewski. Although watercolour is a medium with many techniques requiring years of practice, anyone can certainly play with this friendly paint. Under Linda's skilled guidance you can create this small painting to enjoy or gift to a special person. Ages 10+ with patience to follow along are welcome.