GrollĂ© Fine Art: Display Showcase 1, until September 22

Mixed media paintings by international artist Rhea Carmi


Born in Jerusalem, a land that is spiritual and passionate; searing and volatile. These words very well describe the artist as well as her works. Rhea, over the last twenty-seven years produced a body of work that celebrates with antiquity the everlasting human spirit, which survives the brutality, and insanity of war, aridity and harshness of human nature as it endures.
Rhea utilizes a variety of media: oils, sand, water, treated paper, canvas and wood; which she layers, smoothes and sculpts to create the abstract impressions, which demand tactile as well as visual interplay. Her works are perceived as the topography of intimate landscapes, as well as the mapping of emotions and sensations devoid of familiar forms. The paintings are a personal diary of the artist as she chronicles the events that had an impact on humanity and nature.

Display on going until September 22nd, 2017

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