cre8ery: Terra Botanica: Terra – Earth; Botanica – Plants, November 17 - 28

Opening Reception: November 17, 7-10pm

Hours November 18 to November 28: Tuesday to Friday*, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm

Terra Botanica Market: November 25, 12-5pm

(Attached Image by Bernard Ferguson)

Terra Botanica is a creative synthesis of clay/earth, plants and the human element to experience and appreciate a more natural holistic existence in our living/work environments. We are not designed to thrive in sterile environments void of all the plant and microbial/probiotic activity that has evolved along with us and within. The natural calming scents and sounds of earth, plants and water evoke and awaken our own biological innate affinity to the natural world.

Current scientific research is proving that soil microbes/bacteria have an important role in maintaining our physiological/psychological well being, facilitating a deeper symbiotic relationship with our environment. Exposure to soil bacteria has natural mood enhancers, activates brain cells, reduces anxiety, and functions as an antidepressant.

When we bring these natural elements in creative ways into our homes, we infuse the scent of earth, plant life, beneficial microbials and natural visual stimuli into the environment we call home.

Heather Komus is a Winnipeg based artist who works in mixed media, sculpture and installation. Drawing upon a deep interest in science, she investigates our relationship to the natural world with a wide variety of materials including: embroidered fibres; animal matter and found objects. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art Honours from the University of Manitoba in 2009. Heather has exhibited work nationally and internationally. Travel greatly informs her work and she has participated in residencies in Quebec, Newfoundland, Florida, Nova Scotia and Manitoba. Her work has been supported by the Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council.

Crystal Nykoluk: We are what we perceive Our experiences shape our life. My practice has always been aimed to shape the experiences of others in a way I feel is grounding and thoughtful. I graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2009 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree in Ceramics and have been involved with the arts community ever since then. I have taught pottery classes at The Winnipeg Art Gallery and at The Edge Clay Centre as I feel knowledge is power. I continue to maintain my studio practice. My work for 'Terra Botanica' is an installation piece which is made up of many ceramic components. Each component can be taken home and in this way I hope to disperse my idea as a dandelion scatters it's seeds.

Jessica Hodgson: is a ceramic artist from the farming community of Hartney, Manitoba. Moving to Winnipeg in 2006 to attend the University of Manitoba, she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Honours in Ceramics in 2012. In 2014 Jessica completed a 6-month artist in residency term at The Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she developed the body of work, The Stratum Series. Jessica currently lives in Winnipeg, Canada, where she teaches ceramics through The Edge Gallery and works out of her ARTlington studio. Jessica is passionate about making work that questions our relationships with nature and nourishment.

Bernard Ferguson: What about the human element ? After graduating from University Of Manitoba with BFA in fine arts, and studying at UW, sustainability /permaculture and plant based foods became an interest and passion. A deeper fascination with plants and the microbial world was inspired during 5 years of Organic farming in various places in US and Canada. Living and working outdoors and witnessing the daily activity of nature's progressions, patterns, cycles and impermanence from the microbial world to plants and migrating deer was inspiring and evocative. This amazing alchemy and synthesis of elements beneath my feet and beyond offered a deeper insight into the natural world. A continued study in ceramics at UM during the winter months between farming gradually weaved new holistic perceptions in understanding clay/earth/ceramics and plant dynamic similarities. There is a mind/body microbial earth connection when working with clay/soil and plants. Bringing these natural elements into the interior of a studio, home, work space and our bodies has an innate grounding calming therapeutic presence similar to when were in our gardens or walking in the forest. Merging the dynamic energetic quality of plants with clay and earth helps to replicate these environments . Terra Botanica is about bringing these natural elements into consciousness and reassembling them indoors. Teaching pottery and continuing to garden has always been a learning, sharing, inspiring process and experience. Both soil and clay have dynamic properties and the potential to manifest in an infinite amount of ways. I enjoy the art of merging subtlety, minimalism and aesthetics in crafting functional/ utilitarian objects. "Nature doesn't belong to us, we belong to nature"

Erika Hanneson is a Winnipeg artist who not only allows people to touch her art, she encourages it. Erika specializes in ceramic art forms evocative of the nature around us. She uses a variety of unique surface techniques and alternative firing methods to reimagine everything from shells to pods, seeds to trees, flowers to vines. Through scale, shape and especially texture, her work is an imitation, but not a duplication, of the world around us. Erika received her BFA from the School of Art at the University of Manitoba. She currently maintains a private studio at ARTlington Studios and works in the Education department at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

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