MHC Gallery: Carolyn Mount & Tracy Fehr, November 24 - January 20

MHC Gallery, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., south campus Canadian Mennonite University

Carolyn Mount: Work as Prayer/Prayer as Work; Tracy Fehr: Sacred DNA – Family and Icons

Two exhibitions

OPENING, Friday, November 24, 7:30pm; Nov 24 – Jan 20

Carolyn Mount

Work as Prayer/Prayer as Work is a collection of reclaimed embroidered rags. Each piece is a meditation on the work and labour that shapes our lives. Though the temptation exists to repair and renew these collected fabrics to the potential or purpose they once possessed (similar to the Japanese tradition of boro), instead, I choose to simply honour and respond to the state of the cloths as they are. Each stain and worn-out place speaks to a life lived. Once used to clean or cover our tender bodies, they are now relegated to under the kitchen sink or the basement for the most menial of tasks. Yet their history, their story, like ours, is unique. Likewise, the slow act of stitching represents the different forms prayer can take in our life over different seasons. Sometimes distant, other times fully embodied in who we are through all we do, how we respond to this unfolding is in itself an act of prayer.

Carolyn Mount has had solo shows at artist-run centres across Canada, recently including SNAP Gallery, Martha Street Studio and Centre de diffusion Presse Papier, and has exhibited in numerous group shows internationally.

Tracy Fehr

"My artistic practice in thread, textiles, ceramics and mixed media explore themes of identity, spirituality, gender and transformation. This most recent work references religious iconography from early Mediaeval, Coptic and non-Christian traditions in embroidery and textiles. The ceramic work represents a personal archeological excavation of my Indigenous ancestry, which has uncovered a well of deeply concealed thoughts, habits, possibilities, potential and spiritual/emotional holdings. Sacred DNA: Family and Icons is an intimate story of roots, culture and worship.

Tracy Fehr is a mixed media artist who enjoys working in clay and thread. She has been making art all of her life but went back to school to study art at the University of Manitoba and graduated with a BFA three years ago. Tracy explores themes of identity, domesticity and spirituality in her work and draws from her rich Metis and Mennonite heritage for inspiration.

MHC Gallery, 600 Shaftesbury Blvd., Winnipeg, M-F: 8:30-4:30, Sat noon-5:00, 204 487 3300, ext 344