Cool Gardens 2018: Call for Submissions, Deadline January 15



The deadline to submit proposals for Cool Gardens 2017 competition is:

January 15th, 2018 at 6PM CST.

*All Registration Forms + Registration Fees must be received by:

December 21st, 2017 at 6PM CST.

For further information, please contact:


Presented by StorefrontMB and The Forks, Cool Gardens celebrates the interface between nature, art, urbanism and design. The exhibition has run in Winnipeg for the past four years, with 2018 marking its sixth anniversary. Past presenters include BGL, SPMB, Scatliff+Miller+Murray, Ewa Tarsia, ATLRG, Micah Lexier and Claude Cormier [ providing a visiting garden from the Jardins de Métis ] HTFC, and Mark Boutin. The event is highly accessible to a broad audience including children, tourists, shoppers, cyclists, and business people.

Mirroring Winnipeg's internationally acclaimed Warming Huts Exhibition on Ice, Cool Gardens places design culture at the centre of summer activities in Winnipeg and Brandon, while offering pleasant relief from summer's exasperations. In Winnipeg, installations will run from Main Street to Provencher Boulevard, highlighting this generally unrecognized pedestrian linkage that bridges the Anglophone and Francophone communities. Installations along this axis provide an engaging, creative, and active experience for downtown Winnipeg. A satellite site in Brandon includes the Riverbank Discovery Centre.

Cool Gardens will take place from July 2nd to September 24th, 2018. In addition to the 3 new gardens selected by competition, Cool Gardens 2018 will include the re-commision of 5 previous gardens: Weave [Rachelle Kirouac, Danielle Loeb], BEND [Mark Boutin], Cure de Ville [ Janelle Tougas ], Cool Dots [ Ewa Tarsia ], and Le Rendez Vouz [ LaTourelle + Witthöft ].


StorefrontMB was established in 2010 to foster Design Culture in Manitoba. Since its inception, SfMB has coordinated a host of events including: forums, film series, the annual Winnipeg Design Festival, CommerceDesignWinnipeg, the Architecture Fringe Festival and Table For 1200, as well as publishing three books on Manitoba Architecture and Urban Design. The organization is overseen by a board of directors that draws from all spatial disciplines: Landscape, Architecture, Interior Design, and Planning.



The Call for Entries 2018 seeks creative entries that prompt curiosity, play, and appreciation of urban spaces by highlighting the significance of nature, art, and design. Central to Cool Gardens is the idea that contemporary design can instigate participation in public spaces in interactive, critical, poetic, and meaningful ways. The intention of this emergent festival is to provoke questions about our public spaces and about the role of landscape architecture and design to give enhanced meaning and value to our urban culture. Cool Gardens thus animates our public spaces with a critical collection of experiences - expanding the idea of what a garden might be.

Cool Gardens expands the vocabulary of garden design and serves as a learning tool. As we go back to our boulevards and backyards we hope to spread the creativity of Cool Gardens to the everyday practice of gardening in our city and region, creating in the process a dialogue on contemporary design with our sister cities across Canada and the world.


While there is no overarching competition theme, entrants are expected to be responsive to the specificity of their selected site conditions, within the overall framework of cooling. Proponents may also wish to indicate how their garden would be feasible to re-mount in subsequent years. Winning proposals will be selected by the jury based on: creativity, originality, clarity, durability, provisions for barrier-free access, ease of fabrication and decommissioning, budget, interpretation of the site and cooling, safety, and most importantly, potential for public engagement.


The Competition Jury is comprised of the following individuals:

Alexandra Keim [ Artistic Director, La Maison des Artistes ]

Jae-Sung Chon [ Owner, MAKE / Coffee + Stuff; Instructor, Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba ]

Paul Jordan [ President & CEO, The Forks North Portage Partnership ]

Peter Hargraves [ Curator, Warming Huts; Principal, Sputnik Architecture ]

Suzy Melo [ Landscape Architect, FT3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design; Co-curator, BENCHmark ]

Johanna Hurme [5468796 Architecture, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce]

Co-Curators of Cool Gardens 2017:

David Penner [ Curator, Cool Gardens 2013-17; President, StorefrontMB; Principal, David Penner Architect ]

Eduardo Aquino [Associate Professor Faculty of Architecture University of Manitoba]

Technical Advisor:

David Pancoe [ Manager Special Projects, The Forks Renewal Corporation ]


Budget + Honoraria

Final budgets for the gardens will be subject to funding, the recommended breakdown is as follows:

_ Team / Artist Fees $1,500

_ Hardscaping: $2,500

_ Softscaping: $3,500

_ Labour/installation: $2,500

_ Total Budget: $10,000

The winning entrants will manage and oversee the construction of the gardens in consultation with Cool Gardens curators. Installation of the gardens will be executed by the designers, or managed by them and paid for from the Total Budget:

In addition, up to $1000 will be provided to help offset transport and accommodation costs for each winning team from outside the province of Manitoba. Out-of-province teams are encouraged to seek travel grants from their own jurisdictions to make up the difference. Teams are also encouraged to source additional funding or in-kind contributions for their installations if actual costs exceed the Total Installation Budget. Gardens may be exhibited for more than one year. In the case where a garden is re-mounted, the design team will receive an additional honorarium.


_ Installations shall not require significant excavation or permanent damage to existing infrastructure.

_ Installations shall not require sub-surface foundations. Components may be staked to the ground provided the depth of staking does not exceed 12".

_ The cost of decommissioning and site restoration shall, in the opinion of the competition technical reviewer, not exceed $1000.

_ At least one member of each winning team must be in Winnipeg during the Installation Period.


November 13, 2017 Registration Opens

December 21, 2017 (6:00PM CST) Registration + Registration Fee Payment Deadline

January 15, 2018 (6:00PM CST) Deadline for Competition Submissions [ electronic ]

January 22, 2018 Confirmation of Eligibility & Adjudication

February 28, 2018 Announcement of Winner

March 14, 2018 Detailed Design Submission for Selected Projects

July 2 - July 9, 2018 Installation Period

July 7 & 8, 2018 Media Event & Garden Party

September 24, 2018 Closing and decommissioning



Sites for the Cool Gardens loosely extend along an axis that includes The Forks, La Maison des Artistes grounds [Provencher Boulevard], and Main Street. While The Forks site serves as anchor and connector, the projects span and bridge [both physically and metaphysically] the Francophone and Anglophone districts of Winnipeg. A satellite site includes Brandon, MB.


1. La Maison des Artistes

2. East of CMHR


Cure de Ville by Janelle Tougas [ Re-mount, La Maison des Artistes Visuels ]

Cool Dot by Ewa Tarsia [ Re-mount, Inn at the Forks ]
Le Rendez-Vouz by LaTourelle + Witthöft [ Re-mount, South Point ]
BEND by Marc Boutin [ Re-mount, Esplanade Riel ]

WEAVE by Rachelle Kirouac, Danielle Loeb [Re-mount, Upper Fort Garry Park]

Kaleidoscope by Justin Benjamin + Vanessa Goldgrub [Re-mount, Brandon Discovery Centre]

[Balmori, South of the Esplanade, Invited Artist]


Le Jardin de sculptures is nestled within the heart of Winnipeg's French quarter, at the mid point of St. Boniface's main Street, Boulevard Provencher. This Boulevard acts as the historic, cultural and economic spine to a vibrant community that is proud of its history, both in the past, and yet to be written. The boulevard is seen as a natural extension of L'esplanade Riel connecting St. Boniface's offerings to the larger Winnipeg community by a short walk across a picturesque bridge. An initiative of La Maison des artistes visuals francophones, le jardin de sculptures or "The Sculpture Garden" was designed by local architect Guy Prefontaine and landscape architect Ken Rech in 2008. It is continually used to showcase Francophone contemporary artistes from Manitoab and from across Canada with 5 permanent sculputres from artistes such as Joe Fafard and Michel de Brouin as well as hosting many ephemeral pieces like Carousel from BGL or Rest Stop from a UofM collective. Located between historic building forming the old civic campus for the city of St. Boniface, the garden hosts special events like Nuit de_ART, a night of celebrating art in all its forms or Mercredi en musique, a lunch hour concert for the community. Even when not animated by liver performance, this public space is active as it was designed with irregular shapes allowing pedestrian pathways to lead you to the sculptures throughout and offers new unique sight lines amongst the historic buildings. Unused sculpture nooks indicate where future works of art will lie. Open spaces offer an idea of where people naturally congregate. All of which has a lighted perimeter. This public space is defined by its marquee buildings but allows art to give it a contemporary purpose and narrative.


Site Two, is located East of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and is nestled between the base of Etienne Gaboury's elegant Esplanade Riel foot bridge and the Provencher Bridge. Both bridges are significant in their presence, acting as a strong East/West axis that connects two historically vital territories in Winnipeg; The Forks and St. Boniface. A long approach East bound brings visitors to this gently sloping, manicured site where the Red River flows only feet away. There are several groomed paved pathways surrounding this pocket of land that entices visitors to weave in and out above and beneath the bridges. There is a

strong juxtaposition of "line" in terms of the verticality of the Esplanade Riel and the horizontal nature of the vehicular bridge. Site One sits on the West side of the Red River within a 13.6 acre plot of land that is known as The Forks National Historic Site of Canada (1989). Today, The Forks is home to a plethora of beautifully manicured public spaces, inspiring and captivating sculptures, historic and newly historic buildings, a skateboard park, a market place and a native prairie garden. The Forks hosts many year round events and activities such as concerts at the Scotia Bank Stage, fitness competitions like Cyclocross and, the world acclaimed winter competition; Warming Huts, where architects and designers compete to have their installations adorn significant lengths of the frozen Red and Assiniboine Rivers throughout the winter months in Winnipeg.


Registration and Registration Fees must be received by December 20th, 2017. Proponents can register online by emailing a completed Registration Form [ Download Here ] to Cool Gardens will confirm the registration by providing a unique Registration Number via email.

In order to receive ample submissions for all sites, Cool Gardens may limit the number of submissions for a given site in which case, an announcement will be posted on the website.

A Registration Fee of $50 CDN is payable online at: [ ] or by cheque / money order to 'Storefront Manitoba'. Cheques or money orders that are sent by mail must be postmarked no later than the payment deadline. Please include your Competition Registration Number in the memo line of the cheque or money order.

Forward payment by mail to StorefrontMB, 120 Yale Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 0L7.


This Call for Proposals is open to teams and individuals consisting of designers, architects, landscape architects, and / or artists. Individuals may be students, interns, or practitioners. Multiple submissions are permitted although a separate registration fee will be required for each submission.


Proposals meeting the criteria outlined below shall be submitted in English, electronically, to before the deadline. Email size must not exceed 7.5MB. Files must follow the format and entry requirements listed below for both team information and design proposal information.

*All submission documents must clearly indicate the Registration Number.

*Design Proposal documents must only indicate the Registration Number.


• Four page maximum [ format for 8.5" x 11" printing ]

• Name of proposed project

• Individual or team members' names with brief CV

• Name of one main contact person, including contact coordinates

• A maximum 100-word description of the individual or team including academic or professional association affiliation

• Four images of selected projects for which team members have been responsible. Images must be accompanied by a brief description for each project.


Information on individuals and team members will be withheld from the jury until the final selection. Information provided will be used to verify eligibility and assess whether teams have the capacity and expertise required to manage the design and construction of the installation.


  • Project Summary [ 11" x 17" format, landscape ] [ Include Registration Number ]
  • 100 to 150 word text describing overall design idea and experience offered to visitors
  • Minimum of one 3D rendering showing the garden in its entirety
  • Discretionary Images: concept diagram(s), precedents, etc.


  • Design Details [ 11" x 17" format, landscape ] [ Include Registration Number ]
  • 4 main views or plan / elevations of the garden indicating size and specific materials proposed
  • Diagram(s) and / or detail(s) indicating method of installation / construction

Submission documents must be landscape format PDFs with 300dpi resolution and be organized into two separate PDF documents labelled accordingly: TI_registration number and DPI_registration number. Eg.: TI_456 and DPI_456


  • Cool Gardens & SfMB reserve the right to use and distribute submission documentation & images for promotion and publication.
  • Cool Gardens reserves the right to reject any and all submissions for a specific site
  • The scope of Cool Gardens 2018 is contingent upon funding