LANTERN: Tell my friends I love them., December 1 - 31

"Tell my friends I love them."

Dispatches from Jennifer Belair, Cyrus Smith
& Miriam Rudolph

Public reception this First Friday, 7pm December 1st at LANTERN

Exhibition runs December 1-31
Fridays 7-10pm | Saturdays 1-5pm
Outside hours by appointment

LANTERN's second exhibition of the season, "Tell my friends I love them", features new works on paper from three artists whose practice spans three continents. These are intimate portraits of places the artists have called home. Homes that are current and from the past. Amongst heart ache and yearning there is a love for these localities in their eccentricities and conflicts. Lush and exuberant, foreign and familiar, this assemblage from Jennifer Belair, Cyrus Smith, and Miriam Rudolph runs for the month of December at LANTERN, 211 Pacific Avenue in Winnipeg.

Cyrus Smith grew up in Manitoba, and received his BFA from U of Manitoba. He lived in Berlin from 2011 - 17 and is now living in Winnipeg. His history as a street artist informs his bold mixed media compositions.

Jennifer Belair is from the mid-west United States. She received her MFA from and currently lectures at Wayne St. University in Detroit. Her paintings are drawing-based, a chaotic, colourful mix of animism and the collision of humans in the wilderness.

Miriam Rudolph grew up in Paraguay, received her BFA at the U of Manitoba and her MFA at the U of Alberta in 2017. Works from this recent series are about the impact of industrial farming in her home country.

"I chose the title "Tell my friends I love them" as something one says embarking on a long journey. There is a foreboding sense of finality to the statement, like something a war correspondent might say before the telephone lines go down. In this case I wanted to both acknowledge the sacrifices that artists make when they choose a life of art, and also that making art is in itself a way of telling your friends how you love them."

Paul Zacharias, director