Wayne Arthur Gallery: Over and Under the Water by Bill Rademaker, January 3 -30

Wayne Arthur Gallery

186 Provencher Blvd

Invites you to

Over and Under the Water:

Paintings and Sculptures by Bill Rademaker

From January 3 to 30, 2018

Artist Reception: Sunday, January 7 from 2 to 5PM

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11AM to 5PM

Web site: http://www.waynearthurgallery.com

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Call Bev at 477-5249


This is my first exhibition and it focuses on the two passions I have in the natural world…underwater life as seen from my scuba diving perspective, and trees, showcasing my love for woods both domestic and exotic. Sculptures are done with a wide variety of woods, including lindenwood, burl maple, purpleheart and rosewood. I am embarking on a journey of discovering many new woods as well as continuing my quest to mingle with sharks and other unique species.


Bill Rademaker is a Manitoba artist specializing in acrylics, oils, wood carving and combinations of all. He is new to the local art scene, having retired from a full working career and recent years in Nashville. Bill began in oils and wheel ceramics but now focuses on acrylics and wood carvings. He is an avid scuba diver and specializes in shark diving. He has dived all over the world, having spent more than 300 hours underwater admiring the incredible life there. He is self-taught, having begun artwork in high school and had some limited local gallery exposure. He displayed in Art Expo 2017 for the first time.


I am an artist because I believe God has given me a talent which I want to use to bring honor and glory to Him. The detail of recreating sea creatures and trees constantly reminds me of His handiwork. Since most people never see deep sea creatures, I love to reproduce them in various ways. I particularly focus on sharks, believing them to be some of the most important creatures in the sea. I seek to portray their majesty but also draw attention to the brutal shark-finning trade, which kills millions of them annually. I constantly try to create new looks, shying away from many conventional formats. My working career involved engineering where the thought process focuses on constant improvement and new methodologies.

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