10x20x20: February 1

Event 20

Thursday, February 1st 2018

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Free Admission, Doors at 7pm and Presentations at 8pm


Jamie Isaac - Curator Indigenous/Contemporary

Peter Hargraves - Architect

Andrew Eastman & Chloe Chafe - Co-Founders of Synonym Art Consultation

Luca Roncoroni - Architect

Zephyra Vun - Design Quarter Winnipeg Executive Director

Michael Redhead Champagne

Lindsay Oster – Architect

Kevin Selch- Founder of Little Brown Jug Brewing Company

Camille Bianchi- M. Arch.

Cordell Barker – Animator/ Cartoonist


Vinyl Salon


George Vincent

The format for the forum is: 10 presenters, each presenting 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each. The intention of these events is to bring the local Winnipeg design community into one space to share ideas, projects and design in a social setting. We are again, at the next event, looking forward to attracting another diverse audience for what is always a wild, entertaining and truly thought-provoking experience.

For more information check out http://10x20x20.blogspot.ca