aceartinc: Everything That's Lost - Dagmara Genda, February 9 - March 16

ace is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Dagmara Genda. The exhibition includes the premier of a large-scale performative book work (weighing 150lbs) that will unfold during the course of the exhibition.

Join us on Friday at her artist talk, 7pm. Dagmara is available for interview.

Everything That's Lost | Dagmara Genda

9 February - 16 March 2018

opening and artist talk – 7pm, 9 February 2018

Snow is more a state than a thing. It tentatively exists between water and ice, takes the shape of what it covers, piles up, and, eventually, it melts away.

Everything That's Lost is an attempt to organize and classify the ephemeral through the metaphor of snow. The artist was gifted a picture book on the arctic and proceeded to cut out every image of snow and scan them into a computer. She then laser-cut the archive of shapes from white pages that she bound into a new, larger book. Organized from smallest to largest, the abstract form at the centre of the book changes shape and grows larger as the pages are flipped.