Sound, Phrase & Fury Music Magazine: Call for Contributors, Application Deadline April 30

Call for Contributors

Deadline for application: April 30, 2018

Ever find that one song or independent artist you can't seem to stop talking about? That one band that sparks a swirl of excitement, a surge of emotion and a swell of inspiration; one artist (or sometimes 20 or more), whose music instantly captures your head, and your heart?

We want to hear about them.

Sound, Phrase & Fury Music Magazine is looking for contributors to share their passion for music.

Whether you're a writer, photographer, or videographer, we'd love for SPF to be a platform for you to capture and share the stories of your favourite musicians, all the while honing your craft.

Passion Over Papers

You don't need to have a communications degree or a hefty resume full of media experience to apply. SPF is all about the DIY and genuine, passionate energy that fuels the independent industry, and that's what we value most in our contributors.

To Apply: Please tell us about yourself, and in 400 words or less explain your love for music, some of your favourite genres, and how you'd like to contribute (reviews, interviews, features, videos, etc.). You may also send or link us to a few samples of your work.

Please send applications to or fill out an application form.