Sarasvàti Productions: One Night Stand Series: Another World, April 25

Wednesday, April 25th at 7PM

Sarasvàti Productions is bringing back our One Night Stand series for another year! This first edition features plays that take place in a world much like our own - but with a few twists thrown in (heaven-sent chili fries? An evil plot about Mike & Ike's? The decaying ruins of Portage Place? What's going on here?)

This year's readings will take place in a studio setting, keeping the focus on the scripts and letting the work speak for itself. Come take part in the future of Winnipeg theatre and hear what's next from local, up-and-coming playwrights!

Studio 2T05
Second Floor, Asper Centre for Theatre and Film
Wednesday, April 25 at 7PM
Admission by donation

Contact Daphne at for more info!