window 37: Undo by Somnath Bhatt, April 11 - May 10


Location: Artspace Building, corner of Bannatyne @ Arthur [sidewalk level]

window is pleased to present our thirty-seventh installation, Undo (2018), by Somnath Bhatt, on view until May 10, 2018.

A one-word manifesto.

A verb, 'undo' is both describing an action, state, or occurrence, and also redeeming it - a constant negotiation.

About the artist:
Somnath Bhatt is a designer and artist. He was born and raised in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. His interests are broad; they range from multimedia and technology, to multilingual typography and traditional crafts. He likes exploring metaphors and tapping into the dynamism of liminal, peripheral, and intersectional spaces in art and design. Seeking the new in the old, and the old in the new is his favorite form of making.

Bhatt's work has been shown at ICA, London, Institute of New Connotative Action, Seattle WA, Lewisham Art House, UK, Wrong Biennale Oslo Norway, Welcome To Junior High in West Hollywood, CA, RISD Museum in Providence, RI, the Yale Odd & Ends Book Fair, and Chinatown Soup, NYC.

The Installation will be accompanied by an interview with the artist, to be published on window's Tumblr in the coming weeks.