MAWA: Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art : Fractured Portrayals of Motherhood - Artist Mothers at MAWA Exhibition,  May 4 - 25

Opening Reception: Friday, May 4, 5 - 8pm

Exhibition Hours: Wednesday - Friday, 10am - 4pm, May 9 - 25

MAWA, 611 Main Street

Curated by Shayani A. Turko, Practicum Student from the University of Winnipeg


In this year's annual group exhibit - Fractured Portrayals of Motherhood, 23 Artist-Mothers from MAWA explore the fracture, fragmentation, and imperfection that is inherent in the art of mothering and motherhood. Their works delve into the experiences between the socially-imposed images of the celebrated and the censured mother. Responding and even rebelling against one-sided celebrations of motherhood, these artist-mothers perform critical and necessary work which question common-sense assumptions and remind us that disguised in the mundaneness of mothering, there are complex energies at play, energies that are life-altering in many ways.

Participating Artist-Mothers: Adelle Rewerts, Allison Moore, Brenna George, Briony Haig, Carolina Araneda, Charlene Brown, Claudine Perrott, Danielle Fontaine Koslowsky, Dawn Chaput, Emilie Lemay, Francine Martin, Jocelyn Chorney, Jodi Hildebrand, Judith Stevens, Kelly Radcliffe, Leigha Phelps, Lisa Greenberg, Maria Epp, Mary Ferguson, Melanie Dennis Unrau, Pamela Desmet Franklin, Sandra Brown,Sharen Ritterman

About the Artist Mothers at MAWA group: The acts and demands of child-rearing are exhausting and challenging. While caregiving, it can feel like we are not taken seriously as artists. Some women give up artmaking completely. Others refuse to choose, knowing that artmaking is an oxygen mask one must put on before assisting little ones. The Artist Mothers Group at MAWA extends an invitation to all artist mothers to come and meet other women who embrace both mothering and artistic production. This peer-based group usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Meetings are relaxed and informal. The group experiments with art materials, critiques each other's work, and shares snacks, concerns, ideas, inspiration, strategies and support for those who juggle the tricky life of artmaking and mothering. If you can't make the meetings, please consider participating in the "Artist Mothers at MAWA" Facebook page.