Video Pool: Computation for Artists with Andy Rudolph, July 3

Computation for Artists with Andy Rudolph

This workshop is designed for artists looking to expand their work into the realm of computation. We'll survey the vast landscape of programming languages and focus on several that are well-tailored to the arts. There will be examples of projects developed in visual languages like Max, Puredata and Touch Designer, game design engines such as Unity or Unreal as well as examples in C, Processing, Python and more! Whether you're interested in physical computing (arduino, raspberry pi), visual or audio generation or immersive VR design, this workshop will help you orient yourself in the ever-changing world of computation.

Instructor: Andy Rudolph

Dates: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 (6pm-8pm)

Limit: 20 Participants

Fees: $5 member / $10 non-member

Andy is an electro acoustician whose work spans nearly all facets of audio creation: musical composition and performance, interactive installation, audio engineering, field recording, software development and most points in between. In these roles, he has performed, exhibited and lectured the world over. Some of his various projects include enabling musical interactions with Beluga whales in the Hudson Bay, producing hip-hop (as alter-ego Grey Jay) and serving up classic surf rock as drummer for the Catamounts. He has performed as a soloist with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, playing the world premier of Venetian Snare's The Hopeless Pursuit of Remission during the 2014 Winnipeg New Music Festival. His work with electronic rock outfit, Mahogany Frog, earned him a 2013 Western Canadian Music Award and a 2014 Juno nomination. Andy also runs a weekly drop-in digital art program for inner-city youth at Art City and serves on the board of the Wrench, a Winnipeg-based cycling charity.

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