Artspace: Drayway Art Lounge with Yoel Jimenez, September 7


Yoel Jimenez Drayway Art Lounge
Friday, Sept 7 4pm - 11pm

Artspace is shutting down the iconic Drayway (aka the tunnel) to invite you in/out for a drink!

Since we're all about claiming space for art to leave an impact, we've also invited international artist Yoel Jimenez to do a public art installation that will evolve over each lounge; culminating in its climatic end during this final art lounge on September 7th.

This is a new offering, but one that has all the trademark characteristics of the Exchange district. It utilizes iconic spaces, it activates artists, it invites the public to witness and experience art, its not-for-profit (meaning all money collected is used to pay for the art), its on First Friday where many things are happening throughout the neighbourhood, it involves various partners and volunteers to allow it to come to fruition.

Please join us for our final session on Friday, September 7th to enjoy the magic of the Exchange with a beer in the Drayway.

Artist Info:

Yoel Jiminez is a visual artist of French-Cuban nationality who has been living and working in Toulouse since 2007. A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Havana in 1991, he mainly practices engraving, and more specifically xylography.