Cre8ery: jour·neys, August 30 - September 11

August 30-September 11th (we will be closed to the public from August 15-30th, please schedule interviews with artists in advance)

jour*neys, an exhibition by local Winnipeg artists Ashleigh Wiebe and Russel Vokey, opens on August 30, 7pm to September 11, 6pm at cre8ery gallery, located at 125 Adelaide Street, 2nd floor in Winnipeg's Exchange District. Please read below.

Opening Reception: August 30, 7-10pm; Additional Hours: Tuesday to Friday*, 12-6pm; Saturday, 12-5pm; First Friday: 12-10pm

(a second event as a pop up show fundraiser for Conceived in our Hearts, Ashleigh & Sheldon Wiebe, 7-9pm will occur in our classroom studio)

For a few samples of art please click here:



"Not all those who wander are lost." -- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

Our Journeys weave into unique tapestries that evolve and extend throughout our lifetimes. As we travel we are on a quest to seek beauty, other states of mind, and to connect deeply to other souls. Even though we all begin our journey at different times in life, our paths cross and weave in and out of each others' experiences. When these paths cross we share our observations, our love and passions, our hope. Together, they all become layers in our unique tapestries as a collective and as individuals.

Ashleigh Dawn Artist Statement

In this series of work, I set out to capture a glimpse of my traveled life's experiences. The journeys in life we take involve being in the moment and experiencing the delight of things that are new to us. It is not always about the destination but about all the moments in between. Some moments touch us only briefly, while others become part of us forever. Once I have traveled, the voyage never ends, it lingers inside my soul making up parts of who I am. I have always wanted to create a series of work using my collective photos of my journeys as inspiration. My work uses oil paint as its medium and some include image transfer techniques of my photography so to create a mixed media layered element.

Russel Vokey Artist Statement

I travel into and with each painting.

Each emotional and mental journey builds upon our mindscape and lays the ground for new uncharted paths. The work I have created embodies my outward journey within its layers and tries to make sense of the inner effects. My process is always a journey. When I am working on an art piece I am freely welcoming the unknown, understanding that it is these undefined pieces that come together to create the whole. My work begins free and open, but as the picture in my mind moves and changes, I collect pieces and bring them together by peeling away layers until it is clear. I have been a great many places on my journey. Here are my footprints.

Artist Bio: A. Dawn

Ashleigh Dawn Wiebe was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and works predominantly in painted mediums. Ashleigh graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba in 2007 and received the Gold Medal Award for Highest Standing in her graduating class. Followed with a degree in Bachelor of Education at the U of M in 2009, currently teaching fine art to middle years students. She is a member and has work displayed at the Edge Gallery, Cre8ery Gallery, Nott Art Gallery, Framing and Art Center and Tara Davis Boutique. She has had private showings of her art in businesses in Winnipeg and has also been creating art for clients who are interested in commissioned pieces.

Ashleigh Dawn currently works with acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolour and encaustic mediums when creating her art. Her present series of work is based on inspiration of her travels. Catching glimpses of her journeys along the way. Her work consists of using mixed mediums, specifically pen and pencil, image transfer techniques as well as oil painting techniques.

Artist Bio: Russel Vokey

Russel was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has studied a variety of subjects including philosophy, psychology, math and world religions. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Fine Arts in 2007, and a Bachelor of Education in 2009.

Russel worked with the Art Smart program to teach children through interactive art experiences. He continues to use art as a teaching tool through his positions as an art, music and dance teacher.

Russel works with multiple mediums. These include painting, drawing, sculpture and performance art. His work explores the use of automatic drawing, surrealism and abstraction. His background in hip hop culture and graffiti is evident in his style.