Creative Manitoba: Impro(v)mptu Speaking w/ Stephen Sim and Caity Curtis, October 24

Date: Wednesday, October 24, 2018, 6-9 pm
Registration deadline: Friday, October 19, 2018, 5 pm

When people think of improv, they think of improv comedy, but the skills of improvisation can be applied to many environments and many situations. The skills of the improviser can be applied to the professional world quite directly. Improv doesn't just mean making things up off the top of your head, it also means being able to adapt to the moment, to be present, and to be able to engage with your audience. This workshop will have you working with others in creative collaboration, as well as individually, using improv techniques to enhance and heighten your abilities to effectively communicate and present in front of people. Improv is simply a way of getting out of your head and being creative. This will make you a better speaker, a more creative problem solver and a more flexible thinker.
In this workshop, you will learn how to:
• Become more comfortable on stage or in front of people
• Learn improvisation techniques to remain present in the moment
• Use humour and storytelling to better engage with an audience
• Be creative in a group
Instructors: Stephen and Caity are well known improv performers, event hosts and event producers. Perhaps you've seen them hosting TEDxWinnipeg, or performing at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival or organizing the Winnipeg Improv Festival. They have used their expertise in improv and applied it to every project they're involved in. A class with Stephen and Caity have participants walk out more confident speakers, more creative storytellers and better communicators. You too will experience the power of improve and see how it can be applied to almost anything.