Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba: Eye of the Beholder - An Exhibit by Members of the AGSM Figure-Drawing Group, August 25 - September 29

In the Community Gallery

Eye of the Beholder
An Exhibit by Members of the AGSM Figure-Drawing Group
August 25 - September 29
Opening Reception: NEXT Thursday, September 13 | 7:30pm

According to Cezanne, "Monet is just an eye. But what an eye!" This exhibit presents the results of many eyes beholding one image—the human form. Every Thursday evening at the AGSM, these 18 artists work side-by-side, drawing a live model. Some of the artists have been participating in the group for decades; some joined as recently as this year. Each beholds a single model through distinctive eyes. The eye of each beholder produces the I of each artwork.

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