LANTERN: Maquettes - Christian Worthington, September 28 - October 20

I hope that you have had a great summer. LANTERN is back with a new season that is opening with Christian Worthington's sculptural works. Maquettes at LANTERN is a mergence of architecture and artistic design. While Worthington's maquettes are gorgeous abstract artworks, they are also designs for larger works to be made for homes, private businesses and public parks. To this end we had Alden Nuefeld of Size Architecture build small models of his designs to place some of Christians maquettes to scale. An entire wall will become a vintage architectural drawing as backdrop. I am really excited about how the transformed art gallery space and these models will help evoke possibilities for Christians designs.

On top of this opening, the following night ( Nuit Blanche ) Worthington will be unveiling nothing less than an entire public park commission on the meridian between Goulet and Marion! it is called Canoe Park and it is going to be very beautiful and transform the neighbourhood. This public commission has been in the works for years now but further exemplifies the ideas behind Maquettes: big things comes from small designs. His exhibition at LANTERN will also be open for Nuit Blanche.

For those of you who know Christian Worthington, you will know that his ideas and intellect are bold, unique and infectious. His art career path is something that he has carved out on his own. From studying old masters in European museums to forging a trilateral approach to his art practice; he paints Rembrandt style realist work ( often with biblical themes), grand scale abstracts fit for corporate lobbies, and modern designed sculptural forms that are both brutish and delicate at the same time.

Opening night is Friday September 28th 7 to 11 pm. We will be open for Nuit Blanche (29th) 7 to 11 pm.

Regular hours are Thursdays Fridays, Saturdays 1 to 5 pm

Maquettes closes Oct 20th