The Edge Gallery (Part of Flash Photographic Festival): antarctic interactive - Hugh Conacher, October 5 - 28, Opening Reception October 8

antarctic interactive

A New Photographic and Video Installation by Hugh Conacher

at The Edge Gallery 210-611 Main Street Winnipeg, MB

Massive Prints – Interactive Projections – Alluring Soundscape

In his newest installation, Hugh Conacher brings us to Antarctica – a world that at first glance may seem monochromatic, empty and eerily quiet. Conacher invites us to immerse ourselves into this mysterious world and explore how light moves through the landscape.

Opening Reception: Monday October 8th, 5 - 9pm

First Friday Preview: October 5th, 6pm - 9pm

Part of the Flash Photographic Festival: October 1st-28th:

Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 2 - 5pm
Friday and Saturday: 2 - 6pm

Other times by appointment

About the Installation: Bringing video, photography and his love of the extreme together for this show, Hugh Conacher has created antarctic interactive – an experiential installation, turning us from viewer to participant. In a playful way, we experience the unreachable landscape of the Antarctic. Massive prints line the walls of the gallery. Magical projections highlight the unique way this frozen world refracts luminosity and colour. We become active participants in the exhibit as our own movement brings Antarctica alive. This is Hugh's second series of work inspired by a month spent in Antarctica in 2016.

About the Artist: Hugh Conacher is a lighting and multi-media designer, and a photographer whose practice is based in live performance. His work straddles the worlds of lighting design, new media technologies, projection and photography, blurring the lines between disciplines, using whichever media form best serves the vision of his current project. He takes a static space and turns it into an immersive environment with light and projection created specifically for the project. From light and projection he develops form – form that living bodies interact with. He brings together the ephemeral medium of light with living bodies and new technologies in a conversation, the collective result of which is more than its individual parts.

Hugh's photography has been published in newspapers and magazines across Canada, in the United States and Europe and it resides in various private collections. Hugh was a Photographer in Residence for the Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2017. He has had many exhibitions of his photography work over the years and this is his third show for the Flash Photographic Festival, the previous ones being: LAYERS OF TIME, BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS (2017; currently on tour through the Manitoba Arts Network) and AUTOBIOGRAPHY (2016).

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antarctic interactive is a part of the 2018 Flash Photographic Festival

and is presented at the Edge Gallery and Urban Arts Centre