Platform Centre for Photographic + Digital Arts: Save the Date: 8 X 10 Draw and Party December 15

8 X 10 Draw and Party
| 15 December | 7-12 PM
100 Tickets | Every ticket guarantees an artwork
Free to attend

8X10 2018 is just under two months away on 15 December so save the date! Get your ticket and prepare yourself for a great party, and to leave said great party with some great art.

Not sure what 8X10 is? Well, first off, it's a really fun party, but there's more to it than that.

Here's how it works: Tickets are $50, and a ticket guarantees an artwork. When your ticket is drawn at random, you select a work of art from the wall. You might get called first, or last, or 25th, or 25th from last. You are, in essence, allowing the hand of fate to help curate your art collection (or pick out a great gift). It's all so exciting and vaguely mystical! Just like the holiday season.

Always a popular event, always a fun night, and all proceeds go towards supporting PLATFORM's Programming and Outreach initiatives.

150 tickets | $20 each

In conjunction with 8X10, purchase raffle tickets to win two mounted prints by Bridget Moser. A rare chance to own
artifacts from Moser's inimitable performance work!

Purchase 8X10 tickets or Bridget Moser Raffle tickets here:

Tickets also available in the gallery.