Wayne Arthur Gallery: One Great City! The Annual Group Show, Ongoing until December 26

Show continues to Wednesday, December 26

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11AM to 5PM

Web site: http://www.waynearthurgallery.com

For more information

Call Bev at 477-5249

About the Show:

I have invited 50 artists to enter this art show with a work of art that is related to the theme of "One Great City!" I have asked them to submit a story as well.

Everything on the walls will be replaced with new paintings, printmaking, drawings, photographs, mixed media, and also several three dimensional works by 50 different artists.


Anita Allec

Lydia Bartel

Monika Beckmann

Richard Bérubé

Joy Christie

Kathleen Crosby

James Culleton

Fran Dales

Sandra Dalton

Elena El

Catherine Emile

Colombe Fafard Chartier

Nora Fraser

Gary Ganes

Kay Garrity

Roger Gateson

Tracy Granger

Heather Gregory

Laurie Harper-Winning

Genevie Henderson

Eugene Kabrun

Ruth Kamenev

Eileen Kasprick

Traute Klein

Olga Krahn

Bella Kraska

Huguette Lacroix Gauthier

Della Lane

Diane Lavoie

Annemarie Layman

Barb McCluskey Stafford

Stew McCulloch

Dodie Mitchell

Bev Morton

Faye Mount

Luba Olesky

Ginette Pelletier-Laforge

Luther Pokrant


H. RogueRaiders

Svetlana Russco-Rychinskaya

Hildegard Sen

Robby Simpson

Sandra Somerville

Christie Stone

Roger Sutherland

Bonnie Taylor

Jackie Turnbull

Erika Uustalu-Nicholson

Connie Wawruck-Hemmett

Have you checked out the gallery website? www.waynearthurgallery.com