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K. Lochhead, J. Kakegamic, G. Kakegamic, J. Sures, D. Becker, S. Gauthier, J. Hudson, E. Landseer, J. Shadbolt, J. Butler, A. Shives, C. Maas, P. Karpik, M. Morris, A. Smith, G. Swinton, T. Onley, V. Fanshaw, L.L. Fitzgerald, E. Inukpaluk, D. Munro, A. Keno, J. Harper, I. Eyre, R. Nelson, J. Falk, G. Ferguson, D. Reichert, C. Pratt, B. Bobak, O.M. Curry, and H.E. Bergman.

Organized by: Jamie Wright

School of Art Gallery - Main Gallery
November 20, 2018 - January 18, 2019

Drawing Tour: Gallery to Greenhouse
November 22, 12:00 noon, Main Gallery

The School of Art Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibit titled Forest Encounters in its Main Gallery. Imagining the woodlands as a setting where artworks of diverse styles and mediums might meet, Forest Encounters provides a narrative backdrop from which audiences are invited to contemplate the forest as a universal source of symbolism, and wellspring for artistic interpretation. Whether urban or outlying, filtered with light, or darkened under the shadows, this is the setting where mysterious creatures lurk, secret lovers meet, hermits stow away, and many other weird and wonderful adventures take place. A utopia where 21st century humans go to find inner peace, or the edge of a dangerous threshold separating wilderness from civilization, the idea of the forest has been interpreted, and re-interpreted through endless forms of visual language.

Featuring artworks from the Gallery's permanent collection, the exhibited paintings, prints, sculptures and drawings are attributed to artists including: Ontario artists Joshim and Goyce Kakegamic, Manitoba artists Ann Smith and Alex Keno, Inuit sculptors Pauloosie Karpik and Eli Inukpaluk, many others.

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