Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity: ELM: The Essential Leadership Model to Span Worlds | A Banff Centre Leadership Residency, Application Deadline January 22

ELM: The Essential Leadership Model to Span Worlds | A Banff Centre Leadership Residency


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."—Margaret Mead

The Essential Leadership Model™ (ELM™) is for leaders who are ready, willing, and able to affect real change across disciplines and cultures. "Walking in two worlds" refers to two distinct perspectives present when Indigenous leaders engage with Western communities and vice-versa. In ELM, spanning worlds relates to more than Indigenous/Non-Indigenous relations. By embracing all cultures, ELM recognizes divergence and embraces the distinct knowledge, values, and tools that each world brings to leadership, management, and problem solving.

The ELM program is about creating a cohort of leaders (i.e. seedsters) who look across and beyond cultures for seeds of innovation. ELM aims to create a culturally blind—yet attuned—space to focus on establishing new models and linkages at the highest levels of their respective organizations. ELM is a process, framework, platform, and enabler. Drawing from both Indigenous and Western cultural knowledge, ELM brings together like-minded individuals to create a network of success that will nurture and enhance multi-world leadership talents. ELM is both a new theory and a new practical approach to engaging Indigenous and Non-Indigenous leaders in evolving ways of thinking and exploration.

What does the program offer?

Participants will be immersed in a rich cross-cultural experience, ceremony, in-person lectures, hands-on application of theory, engaging dialogue, awe-inspiring mountain panoramas, outdoor and creative practices, individual and group reflection, and networking opportunities.

The program will explore two-world leadership and beyond; looking at why it is critical to flourishing organizations. Participants will dissect the Essential Leadership Model and participate in frank, action-focused dialogue aimed at creating immediately productive linkages and relationships. The program will provide an opportunity to absorb and create new knowledge, skills, and talents, and will venture into various culture perspectives with questions such as:

  • What can we learn from each other?
  • What principles bond us?
  • What assets can we share?
  • What drivers make us want to succeed together?
  • Is there a new place we need to get to from this program?

Who should register?

This program will benefit senior leaders and system-influencers across industries and sectors who are seeking new ways to engage with Indigenous and Non-Indigenous people and communities.

The program is an ideal fit for those searching for exposure to new models and thought processes and seeking connection with like-minded leaders—or seedsters—with the goal of working collaboratively

around a new two-world model to drive results. ELM doesn't simply provide answers; it enables participants to create their own.

Program dates: March 3 – March 6, 2019

Application deadline: January 22, 2019

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