Video Pool Media Arts Centre: Sound Post-Production: what are we listening for?, January 22

Sound Post-Production: what are we listening for?

This is a four hour evening workshop for anyone interested in the process of working with recorded sounds, more commonly known as post-production. Participants of the workshop will gain insight into this process and will learn about different approaches/techniques for working with sound that can help improve the sound quality & creativity within their projects.

Dates: Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 (6pm-10pm)

Fees: $60 member / $80 non-member

Location: Video Pool Studio (300 – 100 Arthur St.)

Limit: 8 Participants

Instructor: Joel Mierau

About the instructor:

Joel Mierau is an artist and freelance sound engineer. Over the past 9 years living in Winnipeg, they have worked as a sound recordist, editor, boom operator & mixer taking on numerous roles on projects within the art community and within the music/film industry. They are also the Technical Co-ordinator/Sound Recordist for the annual send+receive festival and a board member of the Video Pool Media Arts Centre.

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