Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba: Somewhere Between Two States of Mattter - Micheal Belmore, There is Always a Hunter - Shandra MacNeill, Curated by Natalia Lebedinskaia, December 13 - February 4

Michael Belmore
Somewhere Between Two States of Matter
Shandra MacNeill
There is Always a Hunter

Curated by Natalia Lebedinskaia
December 13, 2018 - February 4, 2019
Opening Reception: THIS Thursday, December 13, 7:30pm
Lunch & Look: December 14, 12:00pm

Michael Belmore's work questions what it means when human time encounters the time and motion of stone. Somewhere Between the Two States of Matter focuses on the moment when human activity transforms a supposedly inanimate object. In the act of choosing to pick up and throw a stone, it becomes a weapon. The choice becomes a standoff between two states of matter.

Through practices that link the women in her family—needlework, sculpting, plant gathering, knot tying, doll making—Shandra MacNeill's immersive installation begins with a story of her grandmother and great-aunt brought from Romania and left in a convent in rural Saskatchewan as young girls. The Assiniboine forest became MacNeill's escape, where the wild deer eventually came out to meet her—she continues to visit and feed the deer. These images—of the women, of the deer, of the fairytales of her grandmother's homeland, of vulnerability and acts of survival—construct the scaffolding against which MacNeill makes sense of her own experience of violence, loss, grief, flight, and escape.

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