Aurora Farm: January Spirit Boost Workshop Series

Winnipeg, MB (January 4, 2019) — Aurora Farm invites Winnipegers to boost their winter spirits with hands-on workshops. Learn how to make goat-milk soap, cheese & crackers, natural paints, natural dyes, soup & bread, knit & crochet, basic sewing, natural make-up, personal care products and including our first-ever Spirits in the Land Paint Night.

Winnipegers know that January is a tough month. Aurora Farm feels the struggle too - caring for the animals, keeping the water flowing, boosting machinery and keeping the snow moved. A new series of practical self-care and spirit-boosting workshops have been designed to help Winnipegers start achieving their New Year's goals and foster creativity and resourcefulness.

Please see below for a complete listing of workshops available, dates/times, cost and registration information.

"Learning or refreshing basic skills connects us to our material world in a deeper way and allows us to take charge of the products that we consume. For us at Aurora Farm, these workshops represent an opportunity to share the knowledge that we have gained on our journey with others who also wish to live more economically and naturally." Louise May, Owner Aurora Farm

About Aurora Farm:

Aurora Farm is a 160 acre mixed livestock, crop and educational farm within the City of Winnipeg limits in St. Norbert. It produces goat-milk soap as its primary production with over 15,000 bars made per year and sold to Winnipegers at local stores, sales, online and at its farm store at 4265 Waverley Street. It is celebrating it's 14th year of growth with the opening of a 1000 sq. ft. Soap Factory in the basement of the St. Norbert Arts Centre intent of doubling its output of soap in 2019.