Winnipeg’s Centennial Concert Hall : Reflecting on Life - Paintings by Pat McCullough, January 21 - May 7

Winnipeg's Centennial Concert Hall patrons have the unique opportunity to see works of art curated by the Manitoba Society of Artists.

Reflecting on Life - Paintings by Pat McCullough

January 21 - May 7, 2019

Artist Statement:

For the past eight years I have been taking pictures out of a window that looks onto a reflective surface that distorts reality. The world that is being photographed is real, but it is distorted. In the same way, each of us looks at the world and interprets our experiences in our own way. We tell our own story. Two people can look at the same thing or have the same experience and be affected in two completely different ways. We each distort the world to our own view. We take what we need from our experiences.

I paint quite slowly and find this method to be very meditative. As the paintings develop I start to find the meaning in them. Each painting tells me a story and I often use that idea in naming them. Sometimes it takes quite a while for me to be able to find what they are telling me. I try to let them talk to me, to be open to what they have to say. My hope is they will connect with others in a meaningful way.