Osborne Street Dance: Spiraling Upwards, a Contact Improvisation Workshop with Mark Young, March 4 - 8

Spiraling Upwards, a Contact Improvisation Workshop with Mark Young.

Monday, March 4th to Friday, March 8th, 12:30-4:00pm, 2019

109 Pulford Street, 2nd Floor

in NAfro Dance Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba


Spiraling Upwards: In this workshop we will examine pathways upwards using spiral

movement patterns. Mark Young bridges spiraling exercise from Tai Chi to Steve Paxton's Material For

the Spine to partnering in Contact Improvisation. We will explore ease of movement with our partners

using spiral movement patterns and look at how lifts occur in an organic way. This is quintessential to

good Contact Improv. It is lifting without grabbing or taking control or our partners. Contact Improv is a

dance form where both partners co-create, working together, listening to each other.

Mark Young is the director for Leviathan Studio on Lasqueti Island. He recently returned from a

teaching tour in Spain where he taught at various universities and conservatories of dance.


Please email osbornestreetdance@gmail.com