Frequently Asked Questions

 Indigenous Arts Leaders Fellowship

Is there an age range or required age for this position?

The fellow must be 18 years of age or older.


Do I have to have arts admin experience?

The IALF is for arts managers as well as for mid-career artists who are looking to transition into arts administration.  Fellows will already have a considerate amount of experience in the arts, which will be measured through a variety of lenses including work experience, education, and peer recognition. 

The Winnipeg Arts Council recognizes that each individual’s path is distinct and that experience, particularly in the arts, comes in a variety of forms.  Applicants to the program will have the opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications through a variety of lenses including their own artistic or professional practice, work history, education, and peer recognition.


What hours will I work?

Hours vary depending on the organization. The Royal MTC Fellow will work 35 hours per week, which may include evenings and weekends. The MPA Fellow will work 26 hours per week, Tuesday to Saturday.


Can I apply if I don’t live in Winnipeg?

This opportunity is only open to residents of the City of Winnipeg.


I am a student. Can I still apply for the part time Fellowship?

This opportunity is not open to students.


I am a practicing artist. Would I still be able to apply for grants?

This opportunity is separate from the Winnipeg Arts Council’s grant programs and will not affect eligibility for grants.


I have mobility issues. Are these organizations accessible?

Yes. Martha Street has a lift and is accessible.

The Royal MTC has an elevator to the 2nd floor.  Both organizations would accommodate other disabilities.


Will I be paid as an employee or is this a contract position?

Fellows will be paid as employees by the host organization with all required deductions.