Indigenous Medicine Pouch Workshop

Indigenous Medicine Pouch Workshop

At this two hour workshop, participants will learn how to bead and sew a pouch by hand. An Elder will then guide participants through the Sacred Medicine teachings and medicine offerings will be given for the pouch.

Traditional teachings and offerings – Elder Carolyn Moar

Beadwork and sewing instruction – Carole Fréchette

Maximum 15 participants

Under 12 years of age, leather will be substituted for melton cloth (thick felt)

Sign up for one of the workshops taking place in Air Canada Park, Portage Avenue at Carlton Street:

Wednesday, August 14, 5:30-7:45pm


Thursday, August 29, 5:30-7:45pm

Medicine Pouches

The medicine pouch is a sacred item and usually contains tobacco and the four medicines; tobacco, sweet grass, sage, and cedar.  A medicine pouch may also contain a particular token that is special or sacred to the person who owns the medicine pouch.  It may contain what is known as a clan marker i.e. a bear’s claw or tooth.  It may contain a small stone or piece of glass as these items may hold a special memory for the wearer.  It may contain items of special significance i.e. a lock of hair or your grandmother’s ring. 

Some people choose to wear their medicine pouch at all times; others choose to wear them only on special occasions, i.e. Powwows and other special ceremonies.  Medicine Pouches are extremely sacred and special and provide spiritual protection to the owner.