Mapping the arts in Winnipeg

The arts are truly everywhere in our city and the Winnipeg Arts Council decided to find out exactly where. We consulted every organization that received funds from WAC over the course of a year, and asked them to give us the street addresses of the places where they provided arts programming to the public. In all, there were 81 organizations involved and while many of them use the same spaces over the course of a year, we uncovered 488 unique locations around Winnipeg where organizations and activities funded by WAC reach the public.

We then fed all the addresses into GIS software and the result was the map you see here. Each point represents a location where one or more arts organizations provided programming to the public. Every corner of the City is represented, from Transcona to St. Charles, from the Maples to St. Vital and from South Pointe to North Kildonan. We’ve always known it, but now we can point to the map to show how Winnipeg truly is a “City of the Arts.”


GIS mapping by Michelle Mico. Design by Evan Marnoch.