2017 Mass Appeal

2018 Mass Appeal

Our participatory concert series returns to Winnipeg in late September.

  The Winnipeg Arts Council is pleased to announce that Mass Appeal is back! Mass Appeal is a series of concerts performed by, and for, the public. Participation in Mass Appeal is free to anyone who wants to take part either as a performer or an audience member.

Each Mass Appeal event is a 30-minute concert featuring a different type of musical instrument, performed under the guidance of a Music Director who has prepared a repertoire suitable for players of all ages and skill level.

Winnipeg’s inaugural Mass Appeal took place over the first 2 weeks of September 2016 with four concerts held in different publicly accessible spaces around the city. For Mass Appeal 2017, we added Accordions to Fiddles, Horns, Ukuleles and a Choir.  In total, some 500 people ranging from high school students to retirees, and from the seasoned professional to the very amateur, took part as musicians while hundreds more gathered to watch and listen. It’s an inclusive arts experience that allows everyone to take part and is a fun way to build community through a shared arts experience! 

Mass Appeal is quite simple: each concert is designed around a single instrument or family of instruments, with a musical director who chooses the songs and develops the music.  All of the songs are posted along with examples and instructions at the Mass Appeal Winnipeg website, where people can start to practice them.  The music director leads a rehearsal with everyone and anyone who shows up, and then the group performs a concert together for the public.

We look forward to doing it again soon!

We will announce dates, locations and the music to learn for Mass Appeal 2018!

Mass Appeal Choir

On September 1 a choir assembled under the dome at Union Station where under the direction of Ben Campbell, its members sang a selection of music ranging from Bach to The Weakerthans. 

All Photos by Matt Duboff

Mass Appeal Horns

On September 7 at The Cube in Old Market Square, Todd Martin led an impromptu brass band through New Orleans style arrangements of everything from Richard Strauss to The Eurythmics. 


All Photos by Matt Duboff

Mass Appeal Fiddles

September 10 was a sunny Saturday morning at the St Norbert Farmers Market, where Patti Kusterok directed an ensemble of fiddlers that jigged and reeled through a repertoire reflecting the diversity of Canada from coast to coast to coast. 


All Photos by Kristen Sawatsky

Mass Appeal Ukuleles

September 15 saw the closing concert took place under the fading daylight at Oodena Celebration Circle with Kate Ferris leading an enormous crowd of ukuleles through a collection of folk and pop songs.


All Photos by Matt Duboff