Public Art in the Works

Sometimes a construction site is just a construction site, but sometimes it could be the foundation for an exciting new artwork coming your way. The Public Art Program is busy commissioning artists and fabricating works for neighbourhoods across the city! Keep your ear to the ground for these exciting new projects in development:

Waverley Underpass
A new public artwork is being created as part of the City of Winnipeg’s Waverley Underpass Project. OUTCROPPINGS is an aluminum landscape sculpture by artist Jyhling Lee, who was inspired by the region’s geologic history to create projective sculptural forms as an acknowledgement of the mineral abundance and heritage of this land. The completion of this project has been delayed by the pandemic. We are looking forward to having it installed this fall.

WITH ART & Youth WITH ART community public art program
Each year WAC matches professional artists with community groups to work on community identity, issues, and shared goals through the development of a public art project. The projects unfold in two phases as the artists consult with community members to determine the goals of the project. In the second phase, the artwork is created in collaboration with the community. Applications from community groups and artists are sought in January each year.

Projects in production: