Remembering Cliff Eyland

Winnipeg’s art community suffered a major loss with the passing of beloved artist and Winnipeg art cheerleader Cliff Eyland. Not only did he create thousands and thousands of tiny paintings and drawings throughout his thirty year career (which he sometimes hid in library books!), but he also mentored students, created significant public art commissions, and generously and consistently supported the local arts community. Cliff was recognized in 2016 with the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Making a Mark award and we are fortunate to have his work in Winnipeg’s Public Art Collection. Untitled in the Millennium Library foyer opened to the public in 2005 along with the newly renovated Library. The details of the thousands of tiny paintings of landscapes, skies, figures and faces continue to capture visitors’ imaginations. At a distance, they read as an abstract pixilated surface to suggest digitized computer information and the changing role of the library. The 3”x5” paintings are the size of historic library index cards and can also be viewed through the telescope on the second-floor walkway. Cliff went on to create major installations in 2014 for both the Halifax Central Library and Meadows Library in Edmonton. He will be greatly missed.