Background on the Year of Urban Ideas

About Urban Idea:

Urban Idea was founded in the late 1980s as The Urban Idea Centre of Winnipeg to “encourage and facilitate the exchange of ideas and opinions relating to the city, the quality of urban life and future possibilities.”

Encouraging conversations about placemaking and public space within the city, Urban Idea addresses questions related to the public domain. By promoting public participation in current and future arts and cultural issues confronting the city, Urban Idea seeks to broaden the community’s understanding of urban issues and contribute to Winnipeg’s cultural development.


About the Year of Urban Ideas (2014):


Throughout the year Urban Idea will plan and host a series of events and programs that highlight the importance of art and design in city building. Hands-on activities involving professional artists engaging with community members, businesspeople, policymakers and more, will examine physical space and create change in the public realm. Art installations will be programmed to engage citizens in public space. A series of lectures and ideas forums will educate and inspire with real-world examples of how the arts improve cities. A youth program will engage teens to use art and design to change their communities for the better. In addition to the events and programs created for the Year of Urban Ideas, we will engage with other Winnipeg organizations to develop innovative approaches to creative placemaking.


About  Creative Placemaking


The health and wellbeing of a city is often measured by the quality of life enjoyed by its residents. Great cities provide this to residents, and visitors, by creating urban environments that are dynamic, people-friendly and alive with creative energy.

Creative placemaking is a movement in city building that seeks to improve community and urban health by recognizing the important role that art, culture and design contribute to creating vibrant and sustainable urban public spaces.


About the Winnipeg Arts Council

The Winnipeg Arts Council Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation, charged by the City of Winnipeg to distribute funding to arts organizations and artists, to manage the City’s Public Art Policy, and to foster development of the arts for the people of Winnipeg. As a pre-eminent city-building organization, the Winnipeg Arts Council focuses on the quality of life in the city and how arts and culture determines Winnipeg’s reputation as a City of the Arts, both nationally and internationally.