Winnipeg Arts Council

Acknowledgement and Identifier (Logo) Usage

Financial Assistance Acknowledgement

The Winnipeg Arts Council requires that grant recipients prominently acknowledge the financial assistance of the Council on all materials, publications and programs of works or performances of completed work related to the grant. This would include advertising, news releases, posters, programs, websites and other promotional material. The acknowledgement should consist of a reproduction of the identifier (shown below) or a credit line. Two options are available for the credit line, as follows:

“With the generous support of the Winnipeg Arts Council with funding from the City of Winnipeg”

Winnipeg Arts Council

Winnipeg Arts Council Logo

Identifier Usage

The mark and type are used as a unit. Do not separate the elements or change the ratio of the elements.

There are both English, French and bilingual versions of the logo for use on materials.

The identifier can appear in either white or black. When it is used in spot color design that is not black, it can be used in that spot color.

Do not enclose identifier in a box or other shape.

Use the black identifier on white, the white identifier on black. Do not reverse out of a pattern. Sufficient contrast should exist between the identifier and its background to ensure legibility.

If you have any questions about the use of the Winnipeg Arts Council identifier, please contact WAC at (204) 943-7668 or email [email protected]

English Logo JPGs

French Logo JPGs

Zipped EPS files (English & French)

City of Winnipeg

If you have received any funding, other than a WAC grant, from the City of Winnipeg you may also be required to acknowledge their assistance. Details on the use of the City of Winnipeg Logo may be found here.