Winnipeg Arts Council

WAC Arts Awards 2014

The 2014 Winnipeg Arts Awards Winners
photo by Luckygirl Photography

RBC On the Rise

  • Leonard Sumner

    Leonard Sumner is an Anishinabe MC/singer-songwriter/videographer from the Little Saskatchewan First Nation in the Interlake Region of Manitoba. He is truly a role model for young people in Manitoba.

    Nominated by National Screen Institute

  • Jaime Black

    Jaime Black is a Métis, multidisciplinary artist whose work, namely The REDress Project, raises awareness of socio-political issues related to feminism and Aboriginal social justice.

    (photo credit: Jordan Thompson)

    Nominated by  Mentoring Artists for Women's Art

  • Alison Campeau

    Alison Campeau

    Alison Campeau is an accomplished young artist, passionately devoted to the creation of media artworks. She is a natural talent in front of the camera as well as behind it.

    Nominated by Video Pool

  • Trish Cooper

    Trish is a beloved performer and writer. Her play Social Studies received its premiere in 2013 at Prairie Theatre Exchange and will go on to a second production at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal next season.

    (photo credit: luckygirl photography)

    Nominated by PTE Playwrights Unit

  • Faye Hall

    A portraiture artist whose proficiency is matched by her generosity, Faye Hall donates much time and talent to worthy causes. She is an Art Expo board member and is currently illustrating a book for a Kenyan orphanage.

    Nominated by Amy Knight

  • Ivan Henwood

    Ivan Henwood is a theatre producer, director and actor. He is passionate about the collaborative process and dedicated to creating opportunities for local artists to practise their art.

    Nominated by Winnipeg Jewish Theatre

  • Chantel Mierau

    Chantel Mierau’s art practice spans textiles, installation, video and performance. Her innovative and unconventional use of craft materials and techniques explores the comfort/discomfort of tradition in compelling, sometimes disturbing ways.

    Nominated by Manitoba Craft Council

  • Willow Rector

    Willow Rector is an emerging textile artist who has received significant recognition for innovative and conceptually rigorous works that combine embroidery techniques with unexpected media to address questions of identity.

    Nominated by Gallery 1C03  

  • Hillary Smith

    Hillary Smith

    Hillary Smith’s sculptural ceramics explore the crossover between science and the visual arts, conflating ideas of scientific study and artistic display.

    Nominated by School of Art Gallery

  • James Ye Zhan

    James Ye Zhan is a musician, teacher, and performer. A true rising star, James combines music and community to add colour to the cultural mosaic that is Canada.

    Nominated by Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts

Making a Mark

  • Aganetha Dyck

    Aganetha Dyck

    Aganetha Dyck is a Winnipeg Artist who is interested in environmental issues, specifically the power of the small.

    (photo credit: William Eakin)

    Nominated by Winnipeg Art Gallery

  • Ken Gregory

    Ken Gregory is a community-minded artist who is creating innovative work that is accessible and that sparks excitement and academic dialogue.

    Nominated by Video Pool

  • Doug Melnyk and Ian Mozdzen

    Doug Melnyk and Ian Mozdzen’s provocative theatre/performance collaboration transcends their respective disciplines and careers to deliver an urgent social critique incorporating audience shock and the response of mass media.

    Nominated by Plug In ICA  

  • Dominique Rey

    Dominique Rey

    Dominique Rey is a multidisciplinary, francophone artist who has received national recognition for her poignant work that deals with notions of the self and other.

    Nominated by School of Art Gallery

  • Danny Schur

    Danny Schur

    In the 95th anniversary year of the Winnipeg General Strike, Danny Schur continues to push the boundaries of independent musical theatre and film production in Winnipeg and Canada with Strike!

    Nominated by Derek Black

  • Lindsey White

    Lindsey White enjoys writing and recording new music, performing live and working with Winnipeg’s creative youth, and looking for new ways to make music more accessible.

    (photo credit: Joey Senft)

    Nominated by Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts

Making a Difference

  • Laurie Lam

    Unsung hero, writer, administrator, teacher and compassionate keeper of the flame, for 29 years Laurie Lam has been a selfless difference-maker in the Winnipeg arts community, especially for the Royal MTC.

    (Photo credit: Tony Nardella)

    Nominated by Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre

  • Dr. Stephen Borys

    Dr. Borys has transformed the Winnipeg Art Gallery into a cultural advocate, attracting new audiences, extending and creating community partnerships, and setting a higher standard for art exhibitions and programs.

    Nominated by Naomi Levine  

  • Brenda Gorlick

    Multi-talented director/choreographer/performer/mentor Brenda Gorlick has been a mainstay in Winnipeg’s artistic community for more than 35 years, gaining recognition locally, nationally and internationally for her stage, screen and stadium productions.

    Nominated by Winnipeg Studio Theatre

  • Gary Liu

    An established performing arts group, MGWPA (Manitoba Great Wall Performing Arts) and its Dance Academy is best known for its yearly Chinese New Year show, presenting traditional and modern dance choreographed with Chinese motifs.

    Nominated by Herman Lee

  • Wanda Luna

    Wanda Luna is an indigenous artist who is devoted to community education and activism. She is founder of The Dream Room Project and devotes her time to helping others.

    Nominated by Lisa Pitura

  • Sydney McInnis

    Sydney McInnis is a dedicated and passionate music educator, founder of the Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts, and a valued support of music and musicians in Winnipeg.

    Nominated by Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts

  • Joanne Mercier

    Joanne is a committed, talented and passionate arts administrator whose work is shaped by creating a festival that nurtures participants’ talent and love of music.

    Nominated by Winnipeg Music Festival

Outstanding Volunteer Award

  • Candice Masters

    As a 30-plus-year volunteer with the Winnipeg Folk Festival, Candice Masters has shown tireless dedication to helping ensure the Festival’s long-term stability and success. The show literally would not go on without Candice, the Festival Stage Manager.

    Nominated by Winnipeg Folk Festival

  • Karen Cornelius

    Karen Cornelius consistently provides a remarkable service to Video Pool and the visual art community as Chair, artist, educator, and champion of arts and culture.

    Nominated by Video Pool

  • Ray Hope

    Ray is a tireless champion for musical outreach. His efforts and initiatives have kept the Manitoba Conservatory alive and ensure that musical outreach programs continue.

    Nominated by Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts

  • David Wyatt

    Investing 26 years into an organization, David has been the lifeblood of the REEL PRIDE film and video festival. His dedication is the reason it’s one of the oldest GLBTTQ* festivals in Canada.

    Nominated by Reel Pride

Arts Champion

  • Richard Irish

    For more than 25 years, Richard Irish has been a community leader through his commitment to arts and culture by volunteering, providing his expertise and philanthropy to the cultural sector.

    Nominated by Manitoba Opera

  • Long & McQuade

    Long & McQuade are dedicated supporters of music organizations and community events in Winnipeg and music therapy programs at children’s hospitals throughout Canada.

    Nominated by Manitoba Conservatory of Music and Arts

  • Manitoba Printmakers Association (Martha Street Studio)

    Martha Street Studio should be commended for the effort and resources it has invested in creating a fully accessible space, making a significant contribution towards a more inclusive arts community.

    Nominated by Arts & Disability Network Manitoba

  • RBC Financial Group

    RBC Financial Group

    For nearly three decades, RBC’s support of Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet has helped positively impact, develop and nurture aspiring artists and dancers, and to enhance our communities with the performing arts.

    Nominated by Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet